Gumfun at Shlpee Theatre

Children need no reason to be happy and teenagers needs special reason . their world is obsessed with Digital media and the Internet these days. Sometimes they dive into the Internet world so deep that they tend to dislike the real world. All they are left with is sadness, depression and complaints for the parents, society, nation and most of the time the entire world.

GumFun deals with the same issue. Alina, who is in the peak of teenage, has no reason to get worried besides being chubby that society has discoursed as ‘unfit feminine body’. Being a single child raised by a single mother, her loneliness is enough to make her sad. Then she explores the world of Internet where she can hide all her indent and become whoever she wishes. There she meets Darkflow and soon finds a closer link with him. Meanwhile, Darkflow is equally depressed in his real world.

GumFun showcases the problem dealt by the teenagers and adults who are obsessed with virtual reality and are dissatisfied with the real world, relationship and society. Can Alina and Darkflow get rid of this unreal world? Where would the society head with the loss of humanity in a new Generation?  You will find an answer with the journey  of play Gumfun directed by Dillip Ranabhat.


On Stage

Adbet Akala

Avsihek Gaire

Ayushna Giri

Istu Karki

H.K Adhikari

Google Lama

Madan Subedi

Pramod Khadka

PBS Rhythm Sunuwar

Sangita Thapa

Dikshant Nepal


Set/Light Design: Bimal Subedi

Props: Madan Subedi

Costume: Pramod Khadka

Art: Dillip Rai/ Krishna Lama

Management/Posture Design: Saajan Kumar Sunuwar

Light Operater: Shrawan Rana

Sound Operater: Dipesh Rai

Stage Manager: PBS Rhythm Sunuwar

Box Office: Rajendra Kumar Shrestha

Set Construction: Ram Bahadur Tamang/ Sukra Dhong

Stage Decoration: Jenny Sunuwar

Playwright: Alisha Solo

Song (Khula Aakash): Astha Tamang Maskey

Play Translate: Jeevesh Rayamahji

Play Adaptation: Dillip Ranabhat

Choreography: Chakra Pulami

Assistant Director: Dipesh Rai

Director: Dillip Ranabhat