Jhimik Jhimik Jhappa at Mandala Theatre

The play opens with dilemma and confusion between Binaya and Kavya. The young sculptor Binaya and his fiancée Kavya are preparing for the arrival of Kavya’s military father and, more importantly Aggrawal, a millionaire who might be persuaded to buy one of Binaya’s artworks. In order to make a good impression in both his future father in law and Aggrawal, Kavya and Binaya have brought some of the precious antique sculptures of his neighbour. During their conversation and confusion suddenly the fuse blows away. This abrupt and sudden change in the scenario creates heap of complexity and complications. The play twists and turns between different uninvited guests in Binaya’s apartment. The play is modern day sarcasm of human characteristic of longing of lavishness and affluence.
Details of Play

Theatre Village & Thames International College presents
झिमिक् झिमिक् झ्याप्प

Inspired by Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy.

Date – (Jestha 29 – Asadh 03) (June 12 – June 17)

Ticket – Rs.300 and 200 for students

Play Duration – 1 hours 10 minuttes

Venue – Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar

Adaptation – Dillip Ranabhat & Alok Lamsal

Direction – Dillip Ranabhat