Daat Ko Dob

The play directed by Khagendra Lamchine Daat Ko Dob’ reflects the friendship between two childhood friends. The play is presented by Tulkee Arts in collaboration with Theatre Village. The play was staged from Magh 28 to Falgun 16, 2072. Photo [..]

30 days in September

30 days in September is a play written by Indian playwright Mahesh Dattatani. The play deals with the issue of child sexual abuse. Dattani explores the vulnerable psyche of a woman who was molested by her own kin even before [..]

A Night with Mao

The drama is directed by Bimal Subedi and is conceived and written by Chinese-American actor Robert Lin, who portrays all the leading roles in the play including that of Mao. Night with Mao, starts with a set that has a [..]


Yerma is a 80 year old Spanish play written by dramatist Federico Garcia lorca. It is translated into Nepali version by Sristi Bhattarai and directed by Bimal Subedi. Yerma (meaning barren) is based on a story of a woman’s desire [..]

Anna in the Tropics

A poignant and poetic drama, Anna in the Tropics is set in 1929 in Ybro city, Florida, in a small Cuban American cigar factory where cigars are still rolled by hand and “lecotrs” are employed to educate and entertain the [..]

Fear And Trembling

La Compagnie Théâtre des Hommes, with support from The Société littéraire de La Poste and of France Télécom, presents : Fear and Trembling based on Amélie Nothomb’s novel (Grand Prize for a novel, awarded by the Académie Française in 1999), [..]