Hamlet In Nepali

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Nepali at Theatre Village, Kathmandu was regular performed from 7 April, the play was staged last on May 7, 2016. Co-directed by Bimal Subedi and Gregory Thompson from the UK, it was first presented in Bhaktapur Durbar [..]


Malini is a poetic play by Rabindranath Tagore which advocates for love and compassion against hatred and revenge. It has connection to Nepal and especially to Nepali Buddhist scriptures. It is said to have been adapted from the Buddhist legend [..]

Makai Ko Arkai Kheti

ABOUT THE PLAY The play reinterprets Krishna LalAdhikari’s late nineteenth century text titled MakaikoKheti in the context of contemporary post-earthquake Nepal.  While it is not clear whether Adhikari’s controversial bookMakaikoKheti (or Cultivation of Maize) was intended as a simple agricultural [..]

Sandajuko Mahabharat

  Sandajuko Mahabharat  BP Koirala’s Life and Works on stage The play Sandajuko Mahabharat or the ‘Mahabharata of Sandaju’ begins with the mention of Mahabharata epic battle that is seen from the eyes of real women characters of Bishweshwar Prasad [..]

Singhdarbar Ko Tender

Singhdarbar Ko Tender is a social political Satire. It deals with well known issue of wide spread corruption in Nepal. This play portrays the situation where the fictional character Sarkar orders chief engineer Thapa to build Singhdarbar. According to government’s [..]


The stage production and performance of Charumati, a historical drama, was a great success with its grand design and audacious execution. The cast was diverse, ex mayor of Kathmandu Mr Keshav Sthapit was in the role of Samrat Ashoka, celebrated [..]

Sabiti and Inauguration of Theater Village

Theatre Village renovated its hall and named it after Satyamohan Joshi, a culture veteran and playwright of Nepal. The hall was inaugurated jointly by the chancellor of Nepal Academy Til Bikram Nembang (Bairagi Kainla), the chancellor of Nepal Academy of [..]