A Night with Mao

The drama is directed by Bimal Subedi and is conceived and written by Chinese-American actor Robert Lin, who portrays all the leading roles in the play including that of Mao. Night with Mao, starts with a set that has a dominantly red background against the iconic picture of Mao in the middle. And then the play starts. Throughout the play, Lin portrays three roles, all who are adorned in different attires. In the first part of the play, Lin portrays Mao’s bodyguard, who, as a character, narrates about the heroic traits of Mao. Then he performs the role of Mao’s fourth wife, lady Mao, who is an opera singer by profession and is a woman of possessive and is of a rather restless nature. Consumed by fear of being over throne from her stature as the leader’s wife, Lady Mao is skeptic with every social encounter. Then comes the part of Chairman Mao himself but he is old now, and by this time, is treated as a god all over China. An ambitious leader who sees the possibility of running the world with his socialist movement, Mao, is a victim of solitude after having lost all of his three sons. His distaste for his wife just exacerbates the pain, leading to a lonely death.