Indo-Nepal Theatre Festival With NSD Sikkim

February 2014, Theatre Village organized two days  Theatre festival, collaboration with Sikkim NSD. Sikkim NSD     troupe performed the play “Hum Hi Aapne Aap” directed by Bipin Kumar. The play is inspired by Padma Sachdeva’s  Hindi novel, ‘Ab Na Banegi Dehari’, scripted by Asif Ali Haider Khan ,on February22 2014.
On the next day “Kalo Sunakhari”,  A non-verbal play was staged .The play has been designed and directed by Abhilash Pillai and scripted by Hasta Chettri.The play is inspired by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi’s novel, ‘Sonam’, and features barely any dialogues,in  what NSD is presenting as an experimental ‘non-verbal’ play.