Singhdarbar Ko Tender

Singhdarbar Ko Tender is a social political Satire. It deals with well known issue of wide spread corruption in Nepal. This play portrays the situation where the fictional character Sarkar orders chief engineer Thapa to build Singhdarbar. According to government’s order Singhdarbar should be started in 7 days but Thapa delays the work by showing various causes. And never build it. The play portrays the corrupted system of governmental offices as well as anti corruption authorities. Throughout the play so many people like Leaders Hiralal and Bidrohi Nepal, Anti Corruption Authority staff Hemu, Pollution Control Board Staff Sharma creates problems only for their benefit. It similarly shows the failure of making constitution by assembly members in a symbolic way. It also shows the dominating behavior of political leader towards the public and bad governance of Nepal at the same time. The play is directed by Dillip Rana Bhat. Bholaraj Sapkota, Sangeet Sapkota, Sujan Oli and other actors have shown there outstanding commitment towards the play.