Our Dream


Generally, it is the responsibility of the government to initiate the activities for the promotion of art and culture of the nation and to provide platform to its artists for their artistic innovations. Sad thing is that, here in Nepal the artists have to think and work like a one man army to manage all the things including earning for hand to mouth, promoting art and culture of the nation, finding funds, creating art pieces, conducting publicity for their own arts, and sustaining in despair.

We know very well that not complains but collective efforts from each individual level, though small, can cause great changes. So, ours is the group of individuals committed for the betterment of Nepali art and culture, more specifically theatre. At Theatre Village, we have these collective visions and we are making strategies to make them come true:

  • A Rich and Innovative Theatre Scene: archiving, preserving and reviving traditional performance art forms and exploring theatre language to go in tandem with the technological advancements of the cyberage. The identity of Nepali Theatre in true sense lies in its root of indigenous and traditional folk performances. But these traditional art forms, folk performance forms and intangible heritages are dying out. Half of them have already got lost because of generation shift and inappropriate adaptation. It’s urgent to archive them, preserve them and promote them to grow incessantly. Now, if we don’t take an action for its conservation, then our society, or the nation at large, will be like an elephant without its trunk or a peacock without its feathers.

The traditional folk performances are alive in the ethnic and indigenous communities. We have realized that without exploring the art forms which are existent in such communities, the prosperous theatre scene is not possible. It’s already been late to work for the preservation and promotion of indigenous performance forms and exploring innovative theatre language. We dream to establish Nepal as an open museum that exhibits both indigenous and traditional performance forms and experimental and innovative forms of the cyberage.


  • World class Theatre School in Nepal: World theatre is inspired by the art forms and traditions which are in existence in Indian subcontinent since a long. Today’s masters of world theatre scene like Richard Schechner, Peter Brook, Grotovasky and many other pioneers have acquired knowledge from this part of the world and have disseminated to the world. But there is still lack of theatre schools in South Asia. A number of people in the world who are seeking career in theatre are deprived of proper schools that offer courses in eastern theatre.


Realizing this fact, we are with a plan to establish a world class theatre school in Nepal that offers both academic degree in theatre studies and also a one year short term course in eastern theatre for theatre practitioners.


  • Nepal as a Transit of Asian Theatre: Nepal is one of the loved countries with natural beauty and cultural diversity. All sorts of art forms and thoughts can coexist and maintain perfect harmony. Nepal, being a peaceful, naturally beautiful and culturally diverse country, possesses the acute possibility to be a centre for Eastern Theatre.


Truly a village of all sorts of arts forms: Theatre village envisions establishing a village of theatre in Kathmandu and community theatre in villages. We celebrate all the genres of performing arts including music, painting, dance and theatre. We have a plan to create a theatre hub that serves a common platform for music, dance, painting and literature.