In The Red And Brown Water

In the Red and Brown Water is an exuberant black drama that tells the story of Oya, a young woman track runner in a housing project in the Louisiana bayou. The play also reveals a powerful spirituality as the characters have double identities as Yoruba Orishas, the deities that black slaves recognized walking among them to remind of their African sources. Filled with gospel and pop music, African drumming and dance, the production pulsates with black and Creole patios, humor and passion. It is staged by Deborah Merola, Artistic Director of One World Theatre, with celebrated Nepali stage/film actors Aashant Sharma, Rajkumar Pudasaini, Divya Dev, Loonibha Tuladhar, Beenita Baral, Rojita Buddhacharya, Anuja Hada, and Utpal Jha. The international cast also includes Kyle Magely from the USA, and introduces the beautiful dancer and actor Alize Biannic from France.

It is the presentation of One World Theater.