Established by a group of international art professionals in 2009.

Theatre Village Nepal is a not-for-profit organization based in Kathmandu working with an objective of redefining Nepali Theatre. Its primary focus has been to explore theatre language that helps theatre go well with the technological advancement in the cyberage. For the same, this organization focuses on research and seminars for the excavation of the roots of Nepali theatre; innovative and thought provoking theatre productions to bridge indigenous performance culture with cutting edge world theatre; hosting theatre tours and festivals to exchange theatre techniques and experiences; and establishment of theatre school to create a skilled and innovative theatre artists/activists to contribute for a richer and more prosperous theatre culture in Nepal and abroad.


Focus on youth and Children, Create a Vibrant  interdisciplinary,  performing art movements in Nepal where Artist innovate actively, have access the  world class performing space( infrascture, environment, equipment, technology) and build international collaboration.

Theatre Village will set up professionally-managed, well equipped and sustainable performance space collaboration with local community and international theatre group which produces experimental, contemporary works also that re-defined Nepali Theatre. We will also train and lunch young/children and emerging Artist to build grassroots movement which will establish its presence globally.  

Theatre Festival As a key of expression of our intension, Theatre Village is coming with High quality  International Theatre Festival as a part of our mission( to make Nepal as a School of international cultural transit). we  will have five National and two international wings till 2021 to extend and decentralize our mission.